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Truck Rental

If you want to complete your CDL training and pass the CDL exam, you need to have behind-the-wheel experience. At CDL Segovia Transport, we know how essential it is to provide our students with CDL truck rentals at a faster and lower cost than many other overpriced truck driving schools. 

Our CDL truck rentals meet DOT requirements for Class A and B testing. Once you reserve a truck, we ensure that the truck will be available for you. We understand that it’s essential to test a vehicle and receive in-depth training, so you are prepared to hit the highways as soon as you pass your CDL exam.  

Besides CDL truck rentals, we also offer extensive one-on-one training, study materials, and even job referrals once you pass the CDL exam. We want our students to succeed; that’s why we also provide written exams as a pre-test for your temporary permit and endorsements. 

Begin pursuing your dreams of a lifetime career in truck driving at CDL Segovia Transport in San Antonio, Texas. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff of trainers to learn more about our CDL truck rentals and CDL courses.

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